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Carers Stories

Emma is 17 and cares for her mum who has a mental health condition. She has a younger sister who she looks after when her mum is unable to, which includes going to her parents evenings and helping with homework.
Emma is one of 375,000 Young Adult Carers in the UK who are caring for a relative or friend.

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Vanessa is 60 years old and lives with her husband Rob who is 62. They have one child, their son, Marcus, who is 27. Marcus was born at full term but had a viral infection at a few months old and has cerebal palsy and complex learning difficulties. He was diagnosed at 10 months old  but Vanessa was aware of problems prior  to this. She  feels that having a ‘label’  helped but the first 18 months were very difficult.
The majority of carers are of working age and the peak age for caring is 50-64 - Vanessa is one of over 2 million people in this age bracket who are carers

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Suzanne is 57 and a single parent to Kristian who is 33. Kristian was born at 28 weeks and had learning difficulties from birth  but was  formally diagnosed with autism  when he was 8. He is also the most important person in Suzanne’s life.
1 in 5 Carers give up employment to care. Over half of Carer who do not work say that would do so if they could.

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Shelley talks about how caring impacts her life on BBC Radio Kent:
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