Care Needs Assessment

If the person you care for needs extra help and support, you can contact your local council to ask for a needs assessment.  A needs assessment is free and is for adults over the age of 18 years. The assessment is usually carried out by the social services department and must look at a person’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

This assessment can either be done face to face or over the telephone. The support needed might include specialist equipment, adaptations to the home, visits from carers or residential care. If, after the assessment, the local council agrees that they have care and support needs a financial assessment will be carried out to look how much will need to pay towards the cost.

Even if you as the carer are providing all the care the person needs, they are still entitled to a needs assessment. As a carer you are entitled to be involved in the assessment if the person you care for wishes. A carers assessment for you, and a needs assessment for the person that you care for, can be carried out jointly by the local council.

The assessor will want to explore all the difficulties the person that you care for is facing as well as the ways they currently manage their day to day activities. They will also want to know what they are hoping to be able to continue to do, or what they would like to be able to achieve.

More information about the needs assessment process can be found here:

If you do not live in any of these areas the first place to look about requesting an assessment is your local authority.

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