Carers are now listed as a priority for the Covid vaccination

On 30 December, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation put unpaid carers into Phase 1: (Group 6) of the priority waiting list for Covid vaccinations.

It is not clear yet how NHS England will identify if someone is a carer, so please speak to your GP surgery and ask them to include you on their carer register (if you are not listed already). We also advise that you register with Carers First so that we can give you further information about carers assessments, carers allowance and other information you may find helpful.

We cannot give a timescale about when the vaccination will be given to carers, but we know that you must wait to hear from the NHS. Unlike normal flu vaccinations, carers will not be offered their vaccination at the same time as the person they care for at this time. However, the advice is that the vaccine will be offered more widely, as soon as possible.

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