Emergency Planning

For many carers a major concern, and source of worry, is what might happen if they themselves suddenly became ill? Who would take care of the person that relies on them?

Creating an emergency plan or reviewing an existing plan can ease anxiety and give a sense of control.

Things to include

Details, including name and address, of the person you look after

The name(s) of those to be contacted in case of an emergency- this might include friends, family or professionals.

Details of any medication the person you look after is taking.

Details of any ongoing treatment they require.

Any other notes you think are relevant.

Make sure that this information is printed and kept safely to-hand, should it ever be needed. Talk about and share the plan with the person you care for and those named as your emergency contacts.

In some areas that we work, emergency plans can be held centrally and accessed 24/7 by adult social care. This ensures that if anything was ever to happen, someone could implement your wishes and ensure the person you look after is safe. 

To help we have created a “What if..” template which you can download here.

Should you require further advice, our Carers First team are here to help 0300 303 1555.

Please visit the area you or the person you care for lives in to find out more information about your local emergency scheme: