Challenging Behaviour at a Care Home

Challenging Behaviour at a Care Home
Fri Sep 6, 2019 23:18 PM
Hello, first time here.

Just wanted to share my experience and see if anybody has any professional insights.

Our care home caring for those with dementia to advanced stages of dementia and alzheimers, has a few residents with challenging behaviour.

By that I mean:
1. sudden mood swings, physically hurting carers. When this happens behaviour charts are filled in and.. that’s it. If incidents happen incident forms are filled in.
2. Residents are not getting the care they need because they may: be exploring the unit constantly, as a result they won’t let us bathe them, or provide personal care.

There are a few that are like this- we house about 45 residents. There are two units: dementia and advanced dementia units. There are Three carers on each floor to do everything.

In terms of training- there was a challenging behaviour online training (just information and knowledge) and that’s it.
The day is too busy to do anything properly, and they keep on bringing in new residents.

What practicible, actionable solutions are there to provide the care that these people with extremely challenging behaviour need?

Thank you.