Carers in Employment living in Lincolnshire - Useful information

Carers in Employment living in Lincolnshire - Useful information
Wed Feb 12, 2020 20:52 PM
Supporting carers at work makes business sense:

1 in 9 in your workforce will be caring for someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill. In the current economic climate it is an important time to retain skilled workers rather than recruiting and retraining new staff.

"Not only is there a compelling business case for supporting carers in your workforce but there is also legislation to make sure that it happens..."

Carers' legal rights have changed over recent years and it is important to ensure that you are complying with the law. There is key legislation affecting carers in employment and the issues which employers should be aware.

In addition to carers' statutory rights, employers may offer carers more support in the form of contractual rights and often report real benefits from doing so. For example, these rights might include a provision for the employee to use leave arrangements, paid or unpaid, at the employer's discretion to cover intensive periods of care. Sometimes the support carers need is very simple such as access to a telephone or information and advice. This support should be outlined in the employee's contract and in the organisation's policies. View examples of good practice and model policies here.

If you are a carer living in Lincolnshire, you can access information free by requesting an access code to Employers For Carers by emailing:

Information available on the Employers for Carers website includes guides to support carers at work:

Employers' Guide
A Manager's Handbook
A Carers Guide
A guide to Requesting Flexible Working

There is also an E-Learning section, which is highly recommended for all Staff inductions and much more