Double Handed Care - Carer's Height problem

Double Handed Care - Carer's Height problem
Fri Mar 6, 2020 08:36 AM
Hi everybody,

This is my first post and I am hoping that someone will be able to answer my question.

I have always been working with clients that had single-handed care, but recently I joined a team of 3 carers working with double-ups and I truly enjoy it.

The only issue is that I am a short girl and one of my daily double-up is with a 6foot3 man. We are having issues as to how to set the height of the bed when working together...
The agency I worked with a few years ago always told us to set the equipment to the height of the shortest person as the other one will be able to squat down.
The other guy worked for the same agency (years ago as well) and they told him the opposite.

Is there a rule for this? I just want to make sure that we are both working in the safest way possible.

Thanks a lot for your help.