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It’s estimated there are over over 16,000 people in Hackney providing care for a relative or friend. We believe every one of those people deserves the support necessary to thrive in their role.

Carer's Emergency Plan

Being prepared for an unplanned event is always a good idea. If you look after a friend or family member having a back-up plan is important if something should happen to you which means you are unable to provide the care you would do normally. 

Read our guide on planning for emergencies as a carer

Hackney Carers Emergency Card Scheme

In Hackney, carers can also ask to join the Carers Emergency Card Scheme which is FREE and available to all unpaid carers. It is run by Hackney Adult Social Care and will give you peace of mind that if anything happens to you, the person you care for will be contacted to check that their support needs are being met. 

On completion of your "What if.." plan, you will be provided with a Carers Emergency Card which you can carry with you and detail who needs to be contacted in an emergency. 

How does it work?

Carers register with the scheme and provide information about the person they look after (for example, medication) and the names of people who can be contacted in the event of an emergency and who have keys to your home. This information is held by the Hackney Adult Social Care Team. If they receive a call that you have been involved in an emergency which is affecting you ability to provide the necessary care, they will take action depending on what has happened to you.

It is important that the individuals you may name as emergency contacts are aware and are also given a copy of this document.    

What if I don't want my plan held centrally?

If for any reason you do not want your emergency plan held centrally, there is a small amount of space on the emergency card for you to write the details of the person you would like to be contacted in an emergency and you can simply complete this and keep the card with you. It is still advisable to complete the emergency plan document and give copies to those you name as emergency contacts. 

It is still advisable to complete the emergency plan document and give copies to those you name as emergency contacts.

How can I join the scheme?

To join the scheme you must be registered as a carer in Hackney. If you are not registered with us, please register here and let us know you would like to sign up for the Emergency Card.

If you are already registered with us and would like to be contacted about the Emergency Card Scheme, please complete the form below:

Emergency Card Scheme enquiry form
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