Help with PIP and ESA

Need help applying for PIP or ESA?
Applying for benefits can be a bit confusing. It can even seem a bit overwhelming. If you are currently thinking about applying for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or if you are in the process of applying or waiting for an assessment you might be looking for some guidance. A bit of extra help for you is now available on the web at
The site is not a substitute for getting help with your application forms from a Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Advice Centre, but you might find it a good place to start. It can help you prepare better for your assessment and communicate better with the assessor once you’re there.

C-App is an award winning digital tool brought to you by seAp an independent charity that provides free and confidential advocacy services, and has been developed by Neontribe and funded by the Legal Education Foundation and Comic Relief.
C-App will help you learn more so you:

  • Understand what the benefits are and how to apply.

  • Understand the forms and the assessment processes.

  • Know how to answer the questions in your assessment.

  • Know more about your rights.

You can also practice, at your own pace, the sort of questions you’ll be asked. This will help you:

  • Be more confident about the forms and ready for your assessment.

  • Get clear about what you need to mention in your assessment.

  • Get an idea of whether you’ll qualify for benefit, and at what level, when you do the assessment for real.


Help preparing for PIP
This site covers Personal Independence Payment, the benefit for people of working age who have a long term health problem or a disability, to help meet the extra costs they face.

Help preparing for ESA
This site covers Employment and Support Allowance, the benefit for people who can't work because of illness or disability.