Carers Emergency Response Card

When emergencies happen, our lives are put on hold whilst we deal with the aftermath. For many carers life cannot simply be put on hold, when the person they are looking after relies on them for vital help and support. If a carer is suddenly taken ill, who else will step in?


We advise all carers to create an emergency plan - for you and the person you look after. Having a plan in place can help ease your  worries if you are not able to care for the person you look after at any point in the future. Things to consider include:

  • Details of the name and address and any other contact details of the person you look after
  • Who you and the person you look after would like to be contacted in an emergency – this might include friends, family or professionals.
  • Details of any medication the person you look after is taking.
  • Details of any ongoing treatment they need.

The Lincolnshire Carers Emergency Service

The Carer’s Emergency Response Service (CERS) provides carers with peace of mind that in the event of an emergency, the person you care for will receive help and support whilst you’re not there.

In the event of an emergency or something happening that prevents you continuing to care for your relative or friend, this free service will implement the support that is appropriate and available, guided by your emergency plan.

Your arrangements could be to contact a family member, neighbour or friend who can support the person you provide care for. Alternatively, you may wish support to be directly provided to the person you care for in their own home. This can be for up to 48 hours (72 hours on a Bank Holiday weekend). During that time we can plan together for what happens next.

Once the emergency plan has been registered with Lincolnshire County Council you will receive a Carers Identification and Emergency Card. This is the size of a credit card you can carry with you at all times. It displays a 24-hour emergency telephone line number and also includes a unique identity number that links to your emergency plan. 

To register and activate the plan, all you or someone on your behalf needs to do is phone the number on the card and your emergency plan will be followed.

For more information and to register a plan please call the carers team at Lincolnshire County Council’s Customer Service Centre by calling them on: 01522 782224.