Unpaid carers in Lincolnshire can now receive free personal protective equipment.

The PPE will be available for unpaid carers carrying out personal care and who are not able to maintain a social distance of two metres. 

This offer is to support those carers who do not live with the person they look after. This is because their care involves mixing of households which increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19. However, carers living in the same household will not be denied PPE if they request it. They are asked to use their judgement.

PPE is recommended for unpaid carers but is not compulsory.

Types of PPE available

· Disposable Apron 

· Disposable Gloves 

· Surgical Mask (type 2) 

· Fluid resistant surgical mask 

· Eye/face protection 

· Hand sanitiser 

What PPE to use when

See the quick glance guide of possible situations below. 

Ordering PPE 

If you are known to the Lincolnshire Carers Service, please contact your usual carer support worker. If you are new to the service, please  email carersservice@lincolnshire.gov.uk  or 01522 782224.


PPE is only effective when worn properly, put on and taken off safely and combined with: 

  • hand hygiene (cleaning your hands regularly and appropriately)
  • respiratory hygiene (“catch it, bin it, kill it”)
  • avoiding touching your face with your hands
  • following standard infection prevention and control precautions 

Disposable gloves and aprons are single use and you must dispose of them immediately after completion of a procedure or task and after each person being cared for, and then clean your hands. Please also take care not to touch your face, mouth or eyes when you are wearing gloves. 

Video guidance on putting on and taking off PPE safely can be found here