Medicines and a No-Deal Brexit

You may be concerned about what happens if Britain leaves the European Union with a no-deal Brexit and how this might affect your prescriptions for yourself or the person you care for.

The NHS has officially stated that the government is working closely with the NHS and suppliers to make sure medicines and medical products continue to be available in all scenarios.

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The NHS has recommended not to order more medicines than normal and to keep ordering your repeat prescriptions and taking your medicines as normal.

If there are any shortages of medicines after EU exit, your doctor or pharmacist will advise you of the best alternative to treat your condition, as per normal.

This will typically be a different brand of medicine or perhaps lower strength medicines to make up the same dose. On rare occasions, it may mean a different medicine to do the same thing, but prescribers will be supported on how best to do that should it be necessary.


The NHS have also put together a very useful guide on frequently asked questions regarding the supply of medicine in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

This page answers questions such as; Will I still be able to get my prescription medicines and medical products? What is being done to make sure medicines and medical products continue to be available? and What about the supply of blood and blood products?

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The website also has information regarding other ways in which Britain leaving the EU may affect you. This website provides information on common queries such as; how to Prepare your business or organisation for Brexit, what it means for UK nationals in the EU and what it means for EU nationals in the UK.

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