Carer's Emergency Plan

Being prepared for an unplanned event is always a good idea. If you look after a friend or family member having a back-up plan is important if something should happen to you which means you are unable to provide the care you would do normally. 

We advise all carers to create a “What if..” plan which is a really useful document where you put all the information about your caring role in one place. Should you be unable to care for whatever reason, it’s clear exactly what needs to be done if somebody else needs to take over. 

Use your “What if..” plan to help in case of an emergency or unplanned event, such as a sudden illness or accident or travel disruption, for example car/bus broken down. 

Thinking ahead and creating a “What if..” plan or reviewing an existing plan can ease anxiety and give you a sense of control. 

Things to consider include:

- Details of the name and contact details of the person you look after

- Who you and the person you look after would like to be contacted in an emergency – this might include friends, family or professionals.

- Details of any medication the person you look after is taking.

- Details of any ongoing treatment they need.

- Notes of any important information

Make sure that this information is printed and kept safely to-hand, should it ever be needed. Talk about and share the plan with the person you care for and those named as your emergency contacts.

The Herbert Protocol: additional support for those looking after someone with dementia.

Newham Carers Emergency Card Scheme

The Carers Emergency Card Scheme is FREE and available to all unpaid carers. 

It is run by the Newham Network and will give you peace of mind that if anything happens to you, the person you care for will be contacted to check that their support needs are being met 

How does it work?

Register with Carers First for the scheme and we will provide a template to write down information about the person you look after (for example, medication), the names of people who can be contacted in the event of an emergency and who have keys to your home. We will send a copy of this information to the Newham Network who will send you an Carers Emergency Card which you can carry with you with their central number available 24/7. If they receive a call that you have had an accident, they will take action depending on what has happened to you.

It is important that the individuals you may name as emergency contacts are aware and are also given a copy of this document. 

What if I don't want my plan held centrally?

If for any reason you do not want your emergency plan held by Newham Network, we can send you an alternative card for you to write the details of the person you would like to be contacted in an emergency and you can simply complete this and keep the card with you. 

It is still advisable to complete the what if... plan document and give copies to those you name as emergency contacts.

How can I join the scheme?

To join the scheme you must be registered as a carer in Newham. If you are not registered with us, please call our Carers Hub or register here and let us know you would like to sign up for the Emergency Card.

If you are already registered with us and would like to be contacted about the Emergency Card Scheme, please click here >>

Below you can find a template you can use to put together your plan which is a good idea to do, regardless of whether you would like to register for a card or not.