Young Carers Action Day 2021

16 March 2021

A young carer is someone under 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled, has a mental health condition or misuses drugs or alcohol.

What is Young Carers Action Day (YCAD)?

Young Carers Action Day is an annual event, organised by the Carers Trust. 

It has taken place since 2015 to raise awareness of young carers and the incredible contribution they make to their families and local communities. Over the years, this has led to some great successes - shining a spotlight on young carers. 

Until now, the day was called Young Carers Awareness Day, but based on the feedback of young carers, they made some changes.

The focus was on support, not sympathy. It’s great to raise public awareness of young carers and what they do but we also wanted to celebrate the benefits of being a young carer - like all the amazing skills they have learnt along the way. 

What did Carers First do for Young Carers Awareness Day?

We worked with schools and teachers, helping us reach the hidden carers in their school. We also shared videos of young carers showcasing their special skills and abilities. 

Get involved 

We are working with schools and teachers to reach hidden young carers in schools.

Contact us if you want to share your own story or want to collaborate with us as an employer, school or youth centre.

If you want to make a donation to help us reach even more young people, please follow this link. 

Let's build on YCAD 2021, giving young carers a voice and helping protect their futures.