Young Carers Awareness Day 2020

Young Carers Awareness Day is an annual event, organised by Carers Trust, and is taking place on Thursday 30th January 2020.

Every day across the UK thousands of young people help to look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

Recent research shows that one in five secondary school children may be a young carer. For many, their caring journey begins at a much younger age. Caring for someone can be very isolating, worrying and stressful. For young carers, this can negatively impact on their experiences and outcomes in education, having a lasting effect on their life chances.

Events we are holding to celebrate and raise awareness of Young Carers

Consultation with Public Health during dinner ¦ Thursday 30th January ¦ Venue in Gillingham

Available for all ages, for more information or to book your place please call 0300 303 1555 or email

We will also be visiting local schools in the Medway area, holding a stand to raise awareness and reach more young carers

In Newham we will be doing something similar but details are yet to be confirmed

How to get involve


Show your support on social media using #YoungCarersAwarenessDay and #CountMeIn

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From 1st January 2019-1st January 2020 366 Young Carers/Young Adult Carers were referred to Carers FIRST

(All areas included)


In Essex we provide Young Adult Carers aged 18-24 with monthly Chill Out Groups through volunteers. We were also lucky enough to secure some funding to hold two events, one being a trip to Adventure Island in Southend and most recently a trip to Pizza Hut followed by the Harlow Playhouse Panto to see Jack and the Beanstalk


Our Young Carer Service in Newham is just finding its feet. We have held a couple of Pizza events and took the Young Carers bowling just before Christmas. So far 33 Young Carers have been referred to us and we can wait to grow this number in 2020 and support more Young Carers!



This year for Carers Rights Day we provided 6 college drop-ins for Young Adult Carers across Stamford, Boston, Lincoln, Grantham, Skegness, Riseholme. The aim of these were to raise awareness of Young Adult Carers and provide information on support available.

During Carers Rights Day 2019 we launched a survey to help us understand how best to support Young Adult Carers and found :

How would you like to receive information? ->  

What information would support and help you?

  •          Opportunities for development
  •          Careers information
  •          1 to 1 meetings for help
  •          Where to find information
  •          How to support people with certain conditions

We have been working closely with Lincoln University and have arranged for monthly Drop-ins at the Students Union Office to stat in 2020 (more information coming soon!)

We provided 50 home visits to Young Adult Carers and supported 23 with our employment project



Our Young Carer and Young Adult Carer service continues with great success.  This year we held 20 support groups for both age groups, in 2019 we started up an addition support groups so we now hold 2 monthly, one in Gillingham and one in Strood. Click here for 2020 dates

We run activities and events during the school holidays to provide a break to the Young Carers and Young Adult Carers. In 2019 we provided 31 events including; cinema trips, theatre trips, meals out and many more!

During 2019 we also help a project to bring young carers and adult carers together to form meaningful relationships and to learn from each other. This project was made up of 3 sessions with a topic for each, these were; Arts & Crafts, Digital and Cookery.

We provided 154 1-1/home visits and 57 lunch clubs throughout the year!

We support Young Carers in Medway & Newham and support Young Adult Carers in Medway, Newham, Lincolnshire (18+) and Essex (18+ with a voluntary YAC group)

Contact us on:

0300 303 1555

Visit your local pages and click “contact us” for our referral forms