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Our impact

Carers First provides carers with a lifeline. Our dedicated and skilled team provides support, offering help and advice online, by phone, or face to face.

Our mission

Carers First provides support, for carers, with carers – so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Our ambition

To enable carers to thrive in their role and achieve the balance in their lives, they wish to achieve.

Providing support for carers

We've been working with carers for over 30 years, providing personalised information and a range of tailored support – making it easier for those caring for someone else to continue living their lives to the fullest.

We strive to be the trusted provider of high quality, tailored, localised support; helping carers feel empowered, respected and valued for what they do.

Carers First works with both carers and external partners, such as local councils, to deliver support services to carers across local communities. We ensure our services are accessible to all carers, taking into consideration carers living in rural or dispersed communities, who may be unable to attend traditional carer centres.


carers reached


carers registered with Carers First


have seen an improvement in their lives because of our support

What we achieved in 2021-22

Reaching more carers

Last year, we reached over 119,000 carers (a 32% increase on the previous year). We have been able to make a material difference in carers’ lives as they faced so many challenges. As a result, carers tell us they feel less alone, have maximised their income and are managing better in their caring role, with 90% of carers saying there has been an improvement in their lives because of our support.

We are growing, and currently have over 39,000 carers registered with us, which is a 23% increase compared to last year. We know that for carers, accessing support and information can be difficult, so we are proud to know that through our support, 89% of carers feel more confident, informed and resilent.

Read our latest 2021-22 Annual Report

Peter cares for his wife Olive

I think I’ve made about 20 new friends online since lockdown. We share tips and advice. We all have a pretty good idea about what we all do, and we support each other.

Our strategy 2021-24

At the beginning of 2021, Carers First introduced our three-year strategy, to spell out exactly how we will help more carers access the vital support and services they need so we can make a real difference to their lives. ​

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