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young carers

There are 800,000 young carers aged 5-17 caring for an adult or family member in the UK


miss school

27% of young carers aged 11-15 miss school due to their caring role

1 in 3

struggle emotionally

1 in 3 young carers struggle with their mental health

Video: Am I a young carer?

This video defines what a young carer is and tells you where you can go to for support

Children out there, who love and care

Michael, Abbi and Teri are all young carers, supporting their families. We want to highlight the support young carers offer their families and we hope that this film can help to identify young carers and ensure they feel seen and heard in their caring roles.

Carers First provides information, support and respite to the young carers we support, offering days out, support groups and social events for our young carers to enjoy the wonders of being a child.

Help and advice for young carers

Our help and advice section provides guidance and information to help you in your role as a young carer

Video: Are you or do you know a young carer? Find out what help may be available.

Young Carers School Pack

To help identify and support young carers, we have put together an information and resource pack, specifically for schools. For teachers, teaching staff, school workers or parents, this pack can be used in school settings to provide information, advice and practical resources to help in raising awareness of young carers as well as tips on how you can support them. 

One-to-one support

Whether you're a young carer in need of support or you're a professional concerned about somebody, you can refer through our local services.