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Emergency Plan Template

An emergency plan ensures that the person you care for will continue to receive care if you are suddenly and temporarily unavailable. An emergency situation could be an unexpected childcare issue, a period of illness, travel disruption, or even a stay in hospital. No matter what the cause, if you're unable to be there to care, your emergency plan ensures you’ve got it covered.

How do I make a plan?

Writing an emergency plan is straight forward. Whether you’d like advice on where to start or need help on how to improve your existing plan, we are here to support you.

The sooner you have your plan in place, the more confident you’ll feel knowing that should the worst happen, you’ve already planned for the best.

We have created a handy emergency plan template to help you to write your plan. The template makes creating your plan easy by guiding you through the things you may need to think about to ensure the person you care for continues to receive support in your absence. 

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What do I do with my plan?

Carers tell us they find it helpful to store their plan in an easily accessible place such as on a noticeboard or a fridge door so if someone needs it, they have no trouble finding it.

You can also let your GP know you have an emergency plan. This will be added to your GP patient record in case of an emergency. You can include contact details of a person who could provide cover in the event you can’t provide care.

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