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Programmes to help carers thrive

Your donations help support carers to thrive in their caring roles

Carers tell us that the information and guidance provided to them by Carers First help them to continue in their caring role. We are committed to developing new programmes of support to help carers thrive in their role and find the balance in their lives they wish to achieve.

In November 2020, we piloted a Carers First Winter Mindset, Reset programme in partnership with Claire Cook. The four-week online course directly benefited carers personal wellbeing alongside the person(s) they look after. Carers left sessions with a positive outlook and techniques to deal with tough situations instead of becoming stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious.


carers nationally worried about how they will cope in further lockdowns

Carers UK, 2020


carers felt more equipped in their caring role

Participants in Carers First Mindset, Reset course, Dec 2020


carers would recommend it to others

Participants in Carers First Mindset, Reset course, Dec 2020

How your donation helps carers

Following the success of the Mindset, Reset course, your donations are helping us develop a programme of new online courses covering the caring role, carer wellbeing, finance, practical support and more.

These courses will be rolled out with the aim to help carers maintain or improve their ability to manage their caring role, maintain or improve their health and resilience.

Leane Carers First Mindset, Reset course

It has had a big impact on my mental health and how I treat myself. I look for the positive in everything now and I’m much more resilient to the challenges that come with caring. I’d recommend the course to anyone in a caring role.

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