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Supporting hard to reach carers

Your donations help develop programmes of support to reach seldom-heard carers including older men and carers from minority ethnic communities.

We are committed to developing programmes of support that are co-designed with carers, to make sure support is inclusive and accessible to all carers in different communities. 

We focus on the needs of different groups of carers at each stage of their journey and recognise the complexity and uniqueness of each caring role.

How your donation helps older male carers

Research shows that men are less likely than women to seek medical help or engage in programmes designed to impact their health and well-being (Coles et al, 2010). This places them at increased risk of social isolation and loneliness. We have developed creative ways to engage older male carers with our Men Do programme.

Your donations support our Men Do programme which tackles social isolation and loneliness amongst male carers aged 50+. Male carers have taken part in a range of events and activities from wood whittling, falconry and foot golf.

How your donation helps carers from minority ethnic communities

Minority ethnic groups are often under-represented amongst carers receiving support. Research shows they face additional barriers including cultural expectations, language barriers and lack of culturally appropriate advice and information (Williams and Johnson (2010).

Your donations help support projects working with minority ethnic communities. For example, we are working with Turkish and Kurdish carers in Hackney and Haringey with the aim of increasing their access to carer support, information, advice and services.

Make a donation today to support hard to reach carers