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Help with your Council Tax bill


Council Tax Reduction, sometimes known as Council Tax Support, is a way for your local council to help people on a low income who might struggle to pay their Council Tax bill.

If you are pension age you can get help with your full Council Tax bill if you get the guarantee credit part of Pension Credit. Your income and savings will not need to be checked. You could also get help with up to the full amount if you are on a low income.

In England, if you are working age, the help you get with your Council Tax will depend on where you live as each council runs their own support scheme and gets to set their own rules. Many schemes include carer’s premiums, which are extra amounts for carers when calculating your support, and offer higher earnings disregards to people getting Carer’s Allowance, which means more of your earnings are ignored if you are working. Some schemes also ignore the income from Carer’s Allowance.

Although some councils still offer support with the full Council Tax liability for working-age people on the lowest incomes, most now expect you to pay something towards your Council Tax even if you are on a low income or relying on benefits.

To claim Council Tax Reduction/Support you need to contact your local council. The claim can usually be made using an online application form or by telephone.

You can find out which council area you live in using the GOV.UK 'Find your local council' tool and then visit their website or call them to find out more about their Council Tax Reduction/Support scheme and how to apply.

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