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Helping someone with everyday tasks


Although being a carer can be rewarding, we know that it can also be challenging too. And it is not just hard when big things happen, like the person you care for having a fall. Just getting through day-to-day life when you are caring for someone can also be tough.

Many carers report that doing everyday tasks for someone else is one of the bits they find most difficult about looking after a friend or relative. Despite this, they also said it is one of the areas where they feel least supported. Many feel they are just expected to know what to do on a day-to-day basis as a carer, as though it is just common sense. Whereas, in reality, a lot of the tasks are very different to any they have done before and are actually quite specialist. There is often little guidance given to help carers manage these tasks.

We have therefore provided some advice about the day-to-day activities you might need to support someone with around the house in our guide 'Helping someone with everyday tasks in the home', as well as when you want to go further afield in our guide 'Helping someone to get out and about'.

Alongside this, there are also lots of pieces of equipment, aids and adaptations available to make your daily life as a carer easier, and help the person you are caring for be more independent whilst also staying safe. Our guides 'Equipment and assistive aids to help the person you care for' and 'Home adaptations to help the person you care for' provide an overview of some of the most common, from small things like easy-grip cutlery to big things like having a wet room installed.

You may also feel you would benefit from being taught a bit more about some of the aspects of your caring role that you are particularly struggling with. This could be manual handling training to find out the best way to lift and carry the person you care for without injuring either you or them. Or it could be a cooking class to learn how to make quick, tasty, nutritious meals for the person you care for. To find out more about this, take a look at our guide 'Training to help you in your caring role'.

Online Help and Advice

Visit our online support section where we have provided advice and guidance on a range of relevant topics to help you in your caring role.

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