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Virtual Wellbeing Programme

As a carer it important to look after yourself, and this programme will give you the opportunity to meet with other carers to identify steps you can take to improve your wellbeing. We will provide a safe and supportive environment and explore ways to manage stress, build your emotional resilience and increase your self care. Our sessions are held on the first Tuesday of each month 11am - 12:15pm.


Breathworks and Emotional Freedom Technique

Our monthly sessions are a combination of Breathworks and Emotional Freedom Technique tapping. They are held on Zoom. Please read on to find out more.


Bridge the gap from head to heart, awakening our nervous system and facilitating somatic release. The session will allow you to experience a full-body exhale. There is a multitude of benefits that can be experienced quickly such as better night’s sleep, reducing anxiety, releasing stagnant old emotions, trauma, old beliefs, upgrading emotional intelligence and so much more.

Working through a particular challenge, block, or emotion that you like to move through with more clarity and ease. You will feel the nervous system slowing down and gain a tangible sense of dropping into your body (often in the first moments). We will finish the breathwork with a relaxing meditation to drop deep into rest and rejuvenation.

Breathwork is good for; Healing trauma, emotional blockages, Anxiety, Depression, Stress and so much more.

EFT Tapping

When you are upset, anxious, or worried about something, your focus of attention gets stuck on how you feel – the emotion. This causes the emotion to get blocked. You know you have blocked or stuck emotion when you can’t move on from something when you struggle to let go of how you feel and when you hold yourself back in some way.

During tapping, you are calming the brain’s fear center and significantly lowering the stress hormone cortisol and even children can use the same technique.

EFT works on emotions such as anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, grief, shame, depression, phobia and more.

Hear how one carer found the sessions

It was amazing as always. I start off feeling guilty taking time out for myself, but afterwards it makes me realise that I do need to care for me. It reduces tension in my body and shows me that if I can reduce the stress in my brain and body I have room to actually deal with stuff going on around me. It's like decluttering a room - throwing stuff out you don't want so you can fill it with nice things. Thank you so very much. I can't thank you enough for providing this for us.

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