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“Through volunteering with Carers First, I have been able to train as a Pilates instructor!” 

When Elaine started volunteering with a Carers First group in her local town of Tiptree, she didn’t imagine it would lead to her becoming a qualified Pilates instructor. Yet Elaine recently led her first Care2Relax online group, equally nervous and excited. 

Elaine is a Dental Nurse by profession. She had seen first-hand how hard life could be for carers and wanted to help. This prompted her to apply to be a volunteer with Carers First. 

She started volunteering with her local Carers First group in late 2019. One of the first things she did to help was securing donations from local companies for resource packs for carers in the first lockdown.  

When Carers First started an online Pilates class in Spring 2020, Elaine joined to support. To help sustain the group long-term, Carers First secured funding to offer a volunteer the chance to train as a Pilates instructor. After some gentle arm-twisting, Elaine agreed.  

This started a seven-month journey which sometimes felt more than she bargained for. It included evenings and weekends of study, workshops and exams.  

Elaine’s motivation has always been to help carers and says “The more I studied Pilates the greater the benefits I could see for carers. Carers have so much on their mind that it’s important they take time out for themselves to improve general fitness and overall wellbeing.” 

Elaine says she gets a lot from volunteering. “It feels good to help others. The team at Carers First are lovely and I would recommend volunteering with Carers First to anyone.” 

Whether you have a little or a lot of time, we can find a volunteering role for you

Elaine now runs the monthly online Carers First Care2Relax group.  

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