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TikTok sensation and carer, Jess, is 27 and cares for "Nan", also known as Norma, 90. The duo who have over 2 million followers on social media share fun and heartwarming content about their relationship. This week, for Carers Week, Jess came along with Carers First to a wellbeing event in Nettleham. 

“This even was put on by a lovely organisation called Carers First. There were all sorts of different people there explaining what they do to support carers." says Jess.

Jess shares how much fun she had at the event and spoke of her experience having reiki done for the first time at the event: 

"It's like healing through touch. I sat down on her chair, and I can't explain it to anyone else properly... But the way she made me feel, and all she did, she just put her hands on my shoulders. It was like an energy thing, and I could feel it through my body.

"Honestly, I felt instantly lighter and more positive and vibrant. I can't put it into words, it's very difficult to describe the feeling that I got."

We're thrilled we were able to give this moment of healing to Jess and even better was seeing the smiles on Jess and Norma's faces when they had their flowers from us. 

Jess shares with Norma: "The people that were there at the event from Carers First, were absolutely lovely. They love you and they were gutted you weren't there."

On receiving some funny sweet treats and their flowers, Norma said: "Oh that is beautiful! It's lovely, oh it's beautiful... Isn't that lovely?"

A massive thank you to everyone who made this event a special success, and another thank you again to Jess for coming along, and for sharing her and her nan's story.

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