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A carer can be anyone, even a TikTok sensation, which is the case for Jess, 27, who is a carer for her grandmother Norma, 90. If you don’t know them, Jess and Norma are a grandmother and granddaughter duo who have amassed over 2 million followers on social media. They talk to us about their caring relationship and how their lives have changed.

Jess and Norma’s relationship is one of the reasons so many have warmed to them. They have a loving relationship, with affection, compassion and humour. They describe their relationship as having a ‘special bond’.

“It’s got just the right amount of silliness and fun alongside seriousness and care.” says Jess.

Each caring role is unique, but the challenges faced are often similar, and Jess is no exception. Jess helps Norma with a range of tasks, such as helping her shower and do her hair, helping with housework and shopping, support with managing bills and medical appointments, as well as preparing food and medication.

“She’s a jack of all trades.” says Norma, something which we’re sure many carers can relate to.

They both recognise that without Jess stepping in as a carer for Norma, they would have had to seek external support at a cost.

“I honestly think I couldn’t manage without Jess’s help, there are so many things I just can’t tackle.” says Norma.

Their TikTok page started when Jess posted a video of Norma on her private social media page and someone suggested she post to TikTok. When she did, it went viral.

Jess had to explain what was happening to Norma and reassure her that if at any point she was unhappy they could stop.

“It was all so new, I’m not technically minded.” says Norma.

Since starting their TikTok page, the duo have accumulated millions of followers across social media. Their videos, which often showcase their day to day lives such as going to the supermarket or conversations between them, receive thousands of views, sometimes millions. Speaking of their fame, Jess says they started to notice it blow up in the last year.

“In the past year, things have incredibly changed.” says Jess.

“I can hardly believe it.” adds Norma.

Jess and Norma hope that for people watching their videos, it gives them a break from the real world.

“I think a lot of people get comfort as Nan reminds people of their loved ones.” adds Jess.

Through their videos and huge following, Jess and Norma are helping shine a spotlight on caring, which Jess recognises could be helping other carers.

“Being a carer can be a very lonely and isolating place, and I think they can watch our videos and realise that they’re not alone and there are other people out there that need support and give support, and that can be quite comforting.”

Jess and Norma feel it is a privilege to be able to share their life with so many people, including other carers.

“It’s not an easy job to be a carer.” says Norma.

“Being a carer is unique for every single person that is one, because every situation is so different. I’m very lucky that I care for someone who thoroughly and truly appreciates what I do for them, but I can’t imagine it’s always as easy.” Jess explains.

Better support for carers

Jess and Norma are helping put carers on the map with their fun and authentic videos, but they know so much more needs to be done for carers. Jess states how workplaces and financial support needs to be better, as well as access to breaks.

Their special relationship is an example of one of the millions of caring relationships across the UK today, but as they say, although each carer’s needs and situation are unique, they can face similar challenges. 

Search ‘Jess and Norma’ on TikTok to find their page.

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