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Anglian Water partnered with Carers First in November 2021 to provide grants to give their customers who are caring a much needed break. 41 carers received a grant including Kirsty. 

Kirsty and her husband are full time carers for their five-year-old son Noah, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, hypermobility and a sleep disorder.

Kirsty’s acknowledges that caring impacts every aspect of her life. She cares for Noah 24/7 as he cannot be left alone as he has no sense of danger alongside separation anxiety. Noah needs help toileting, eating, moving, communicating and taking his medication. She says that everything has to be so carefully planned, they can never be spontaneous which limits what they can do.

Noah’s sleep disorder means that they often only get one hour’s sleep a night. Kirsty says her caring responsibilities have left her feeling exhausted as she is on constant alert and running on empty.

Carers First are supporting Kirsty to maximise her household income, build up a support network in her town and share information on specialist support charities relevant to Noah’s condition. Kirsty says "Carers First has given me a more positive outlook as I know I have somewhere to turn when I need support."

Kirsty recently received a ‘Moments for Me’ grant which she has used to have a manicure.

“It was nice just to think about me as the priority is never you. It was phenomenal.”

She intends to use the rest of her grant to book more wellbeing pamper sessions and go out for a meal with her husband.

As a result of Anglian Water’s Partnership with Carers First, Kirsty has now signed up to their Priority Services Register. She feels this would be beneficial as they have not had water on some days over the last few months.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Carers First and Anglian Water. It wasn’t expected and it gave me something to look forward to. I cannot thank you enough.”

Anglian Water - supporting carers

If you care for someone in Lincolnshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough or Milton Keynes, Anglian Water can offer you practical support. 

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Visit our online support section where we have provided advice and guidance on a range of relevant topics to help you in your caring role.

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