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Young adult carers aged 16–25 in Lincolnshire came together for a graffiti art workshop in March to celebrate this year's Young Carers Action Day; an annual awareness day, dedicated to raising the awareness of young carers and their need for support. 

The graffiti art workshop, organised by Carers First and made possible thanks to a grant from Carers Trust, provided a fantastic opportunity for young adult carers to express themselves creatively and connect with others who share similar experiences.  

Professional artists from Imageskool led the workshop, guiding young adult carers through the creation of two art pieces each, using pens and spray paints. The atmosphere was incredibly warm and supportive, especially for those who hadn't attended our young carer events before.  

Events like these not only provide a break from the responsibilities of caring but also offer a supportive environment where young carers can explore their interests and talents. With an estimated 376,000 young adult carers in the UK aged 16–25, events like this also provide much needed respite and connection. 

Laura Hughes, West Lincolnshire Service Manager and Young Adult Carer lead, shared insights into the importance of offering innovative ways to engage young carers: 

"We offer a variety of activities for young adult carers in Lincolnshire, offering a break from caring, providing the chance to meet peers in similar situations, and access the support and activities available to them." 

The feedback from those who took part speaks volumes about the workshop's impact. One young carer expressed gratitude for "an awesome and enjoyable day." 

At the same time, another was inspired to continue practicing graffiti art at home by asking for spray paints for their birthday, reflecting the value of providing meaningful outlets for self-expression and creativity. 

The event also helped to highlight the importance of building a supportive community for young carers. By offering opportunities for socialising and participating in enjoyable activities, organisations like ours play a crucial role in ensuring that young carers have the same opportunities as their peers. 

Carers First aims to significantly contribute to enhancing the wellbeing and resilience of young carers, empowering them to pursue their interests and hobbies while navigating the challenges of their caring roles. 

Laura continued: "It's heartening to see young carers not only enjoying themselves but also finding avenues for self-expression and creativity. The fact that one young carer was inspired to continue practicing graffiti art at home shows just how meaningful these experiences can be." 

Another young carer said: "It was an excellent session. It was great to meet other carers who shared a similar interest. The session was free flowing, with tips and demonstrations from the artists. It has helped me to discover a new talent and hobby I can do when I need to take some time out from caring." 

As a young person looking after a family member, meeting up with friends and joining in fun activities can be difficult. Carers First is passionate about supporting young carers to have the same opportunities as their peers who do not have a caring role at home.  For more information about Carers First and the support available for carers visit our local support page.

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