Vanessa's Story

Marcus was educated at day schools for special needs when young but went part residential at 16 for 3 years. Following this he went fully residential, although he comes home every other weekend and Rob and I visit. He likes his residential home but also his time back at the family house with us.

Marcus requires help that can be very physical, he has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair, and this has became problematic. He can be challenging but this is rare and he is generally charming.

When Marcus was young we had a good childminder and they tried to have as much ‘normality’ as possible.  I worked part time and learnt to drive - giving me more freedom. 

I feel that the support of friends is vital, as is respite, to give everyone a change and a break. 

I have also found comfort in her faith which has grown since Marcus arrived.

Marcus is generally happy and has a great sense of humour, gets on well with all sorts of people and being residential has offered opportunities to meet people. There are worries about the future, especially with no siblings, but I feel that it is important  “Not be a slave to disablilty” and make life the best you can.

Vanessa is a trained and qualified counsellor and volunteer with a number of charities.  Carers FIRST has been supporting Vanessa and her family since 2013 and she has accessed a variety of services on offer.