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‘We Care for You’ aims to support hidden carers to make time for the little things. Developed with carers for carers, the campaign supports hidden carers in making more time for themselves.

If you’re looking after a family member or friend who can’t manage without your help, then we’re here to support you with our pocket guide.

It’s important to take time for yourself when caring for someone else, but we understand that’s not always easy. 2.1 million people every year take on an unpaid caring role, with three quarters suffering from stress and anxiety due to missing out on support. “The little things,” such as hobbies and spending time with friends, are often the first to go, but our pocket guide can help you to find more time for you.

Filled with support and practical advice for switching off and finding more “me time,” our pocket guide can help you to make space to enjoy the little things that matter to you.

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