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Five tips to make your money go further

Make your money go further

There are lots of ways to make your money go further: through benefits, grants, discounts and budgeting. But here are a few suggestions that you might not have considered.

1. Join a community shop for your groceries

Sticking to a shopping list, looking out for yellow reduced price stickers, and not shopping when you are hungry are all tried and tested ways to save money when doing a food shop.

But have you thought about where you shop? There are community stores popping up that offer reduced price food for locals on low incomes. Community Shop, is just one example. They source surplus goods, and are able to give significant discounts to its members.

You could also sign up for free food apps, such as Olio or Too Good To Go which allow you to get surplus food for free or highly discounted prices.

2. See what discounts are available for carers

As a carer, there are hundreds of discounts available to you – for all kinds of purchases. So before you buy anything new – whether that’s the weekly shop, buying insurance or a day out – have a look around and see how you can save money.

Discounts for Carers is free to join, offering thousands of discounts for carers through their website. Their members can save monthly on groceries, utility bills and transport.

3. Get a grant to support your own wellbeing

As a carer, it’s vital that you look after yourself. So consider applying for a grant for an activity that would support your own wellbeing – whether that’s for a much-deserved manicure, a short break, or, as Sarah chose, Reiki (energy healing) sessions:

“Thank you to Anglian Water and Carers First for this grant. I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise and I’m spacing my 10 Reiki sessions fortnightly, so they last longer.”

4. Access free data

It’s tough to navigate the world without internet access, and data costs can add up. Luckily, we have teamed up with the Good Things Foundation to offer free data for carers registered with us. To register your interest, contact Carers First for more information.

5. Get help with transport costs

Healthcare travel costs can be expensive, so do check if you’re eligible help with travel costs through the NHS’ Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme. You might also apply for a Blue Badge Parking Permit, road tax exemption or bus and train concessions.

Register with us, or refer a carer to us