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Lighten the Load

Helping unpaid carers to maximise their income and make their money go further.

About the campaign

It’s very common to worry about the financial implications of caring, this can be particularly true if you need to give up work or if the person you care for requires specialist care or equipment, but support is available to you. You just need to know where to look and how to ask for it. Carers First wants to help carers lighten the load with our new campaign, which aims to provide carers like you with information on financial support options for carers, such as discounts, grants and benefits.

Financial support for carers

Carers have told us they are struggling with their finances but one in five said they didn’t realise that help was available to them. 

Through our campaign, we have partnered with key organisations and produced new resources to provide more information on financial support and, importantly, how to access it.

9 in 10


are worried about the rising cost of living


of carers

are losing sleep because they are worrying about how to afford the basic essentials

1 in 5


not accessing financial support didn’t realise that help was available to them

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